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state of being

i can't even express the way i've been feeling in my life recently.
i have all these lines of poetry and verbiage and syntax and thought swirling through my head into a viable goulash of emotion that i can't even put into a form yet. emotions measured like grains of sand on a beach: innumerable, vast - all compacted together that stretch out further than the eye can see.

happiness is a state of being. you can find it in many ways, in many places.

i find mine in organic pizza parlors and dog parks and in sheets that are constantly being washed.
but more than any of these, i find it on the bridge of her nose when she laughs - in the way her mouth moves when she smiles- in her most beautiful eyes that are all i see when i close mine.

im on tv in romania

The first movie i was in/worked on [Holly's Story-the one i got on IMDB for] is being broadcast on Television in Romania.

freakin sweet...except people in romania are seeing the 17 year old version of myself. on screen. how embarassing!

shleepy, no makeup day

i feel really tired/shleepy today. all through work i kept yawning! didn't even put on makeup today either. i've been working nearly every day lately and so has lova but it makes the time we do get to see each other so worth it. i can't wait for a date night soon.

i like these few moments between the busy where my roomies are in transit or out and about and i get the apartment to myself for a few moments. it's nice. it makes me remember how much i liked living in my one bedroom in california alone. i like some solitude sometime. it'll be a nice day when L and i have our own place with just a cat or two as roommates. i daydream about it sometimes. i mean, i love LOVE adam and hailey. they are the best roommates - but we just have a lot going on. all of us. and it's impossible to separate work from home. and i think that is necessary in a soft place to fall, in a nest.

anyhoo i'm deciding what to make for dinner and already have some pajamas calling my name then i'll browse for some stuff i don't really need on amazon.com, etsy and ebay and melt my brain with some hulu while i wait to get my phone call from my sig. otha tellin' me she's offfff :)

does anyone understand the concept




Flash Mob Advert in the UK

it's the little things in life that make me really happy
and have faith in humanity
best T Mobile advert ever
way to go, England!

Skyscrapers Walk Among Us

This is a music video my production company did.

the band is Skyscrapers Walk Among Us and the song is "My Best Friend Is Now My Worst Enemy"

forgive the resolution - it is intended for HD but i can't post it in HD on LJ
enjoy! :)

Valentines Day

was wonderful. it was our first one together.

i like that she makes me feel so at home, so peaceful and right. it doesn't matter what we are doing as long as we are together.

we traded flowers and canvas and cards and had soup on the night of the 13th and on the 14th she made me the best dinner ever after i got off of work.

[on a side note-i think its fascinating that humans decided to choose card giving as their way of expressing deep feelings. its just one of those interesting things i can sit and just ponder about.]

anyhoo, the best bit is the letter she put in my card. it will be part of my evening reading for many nights to come when i can't be next to her.